YUAN: A study in curry, class, and community

YUAN: A study in curry, class, and community” is my attempt, as a fourth generation Malaysian, at reconnecting with the land I live on and the people I share a home (and heritage) with. In doing so, I journeyed through my country’s colonial history and indigenous peoples (Orang Asli), talked about traditional cooking ware and multiculturalism, and discovered the intersection between food, class, and language. 
What emerged from this was an archival zine accompanied by various audio clips documenting interviews with my grandparents about their childhood, sounds from the kitchen, and dinner time talk. Learning to navigate this embodied experience allowed me to both preserve collective memory and identity, as well as create space for innovation and growth.

Page 1
Audio Clip #1: Page 1
Page 2 & 3
Page 4 & 5
Audio Clip #2: Page 5
Page 6 & 7
Audio Clip #3: Page 6
Page 8 & 9
Audio Clip #4: Page 8
Page 10 & 11
Audio Clip #5: Page 10
Page 12 & 13
Audio Clip #6: Page 12
Audio Clip #7: Page 13.1
Audio Clip #8: Page 13.2
Page 14 & 15
Audio Clip #9: Page 15
Page 16 & 17
Audio Clip #10: Page 16
Audio Clip #11: Page 17.1
Audio Clip #12: Page 17.2
Audio Clip #13: Page 17.3
Page 18 & 19
Audio Clip #14: Page 18

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Alyssa Pong is a sophomore currently attending Bennington College. There, she is beginning to learn to look and listen more closely to the people and world around her. Though primarily interested in Journalism and Dance, she can always be found attempting to catch up on politics, grooving to music, and soaking up as much sun as possible. 

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