Artist’s Statement “Originally from India but raised everywhere else, I have been struggling for the past 18 years to find my roots within my identity. When the pandemic hit, my hopes of connecting withered even further. But as the saying goes, every closed door opens a new one and sure enough, I was blessed to have gotten the opportunity to connect with Indian folk artists and attempt a number of workshops. I enjoy exploring and constructing various representations of these under-appreciated works from states across the populous country ranging from Pichwai of the Land of Maharajas, Rajasthan, to the intricate Pattachitra of Odisha. Using my past learnings from my IGCSE Art and Design days along with my carefree doodles of my younger years, I bring forward traditions and techniques from centuries ago. Along with enjoying the process and working with a multitude of media such as watercolor and acrylics, these works are my humble way of celebrating my roots along with who I am today. 

This piece’s style is referred to as Pichwai and originates from the Land of Maharajas, the Indian State of Rajasthan. Depicted in this image is Lord Krishna, an adored god of Hindus across the world. The term “Pichwai” literally translates to “at the back” as Pichwai paintings are done on cloth and hung as tapestries behind the idol of Lord Krishna in the sanctum sanctorum of Rajasthan’s Nathdwara Temple.” 

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