Author: Alyssa Pong

YUAN: A study in curry, class, and community

YUAN: A study in curry, class, and community” is my attempt, as a fourth generation Malaysian, at reconnecting with the land I live on and the people I share a home (and heritage) with. In doing so, I journeyed through my country’s colonial history and indigenous peoples (Orang Asli), talked about traditional cooking ware and

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I Don’t Know What to Say (2019)

Samuel and Olivia Ellina, Emma & Danielle Sagarika & Sizo Marta & Mrunal Artist Statement “Keoi mm sek gong” “Sek teng mou?”  “I bē bêng-pe̍k” I was surrounded by mouths moving with familiar-unfamiliar tongues, words I had always heard, but never understood. Back then, it was easier to tune their voices out, easier to choose

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