Fall 2019

I Don’t Know What to Say (2019)

Samuel and Olivia Ellina, Emma & Danielle Sagarika & Sizo Marta & Mrunal Artist Statement “Keoi mm sek gong” “Sek teng mou?”  “I bē bêng-pe̍k” I was surrounded by mouths moving with familiar-unfamiliar tongues, words I had always heard, but never understood. Back then, it was easier to tune their voices out, easier to choose

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But the Heart Is Where the Home Is

I’m in my early teenage years, traveling back home with my father and mother after a short vacation. We always fly through the Tribhuvan International Airport, and our stopover usually being the Qatar Airport. The Tribhuvan International Airport, the only international airport in Nepal, is small as a domestic airport here in the US, maybe

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Teaching Chinese at the North Bennington Village School

As a computer science and math student, I keep thinking how the process of translating Chinese text to English is takes exact same logic when I try to convert my ideas into computer code for computers to execute. Things have never been easy for people who lives in translation, especially being a Chinese student studying

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