Fall 2020

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Dabin Jeong is a Senior studying Art History and Literature/Creative Writing at Bennington College. She explores East Asian/Korean representation, Asian American identity, and the immigrant experience through creative and academic praxis. These projects are created to address a contemporary Korean perspective on the influence of Japanese colonization and her own immigration experience. 

Untitled Analog Portraiture

Models: Ayesha Bashir, Akanchya Maskay My name is Xiao (Smile), class of 2023, studying literature and photography. I shoot mostly portraitures or civilizations with the depiction of people, as for now, my purpose of creating art is for my love for people. By building relationships with my models and audiences, I learn about the world, different

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Seeds of Control

Seeds of Control is a three channel video work centering around the themes of diaspora, Korean history, and ecology. The piece is about how landscapes and nature are clearly shaped through politics. In this specific context I explore how trees and forests are used as political instruments to oppress marginalized peoples in Korea throughout different power structures

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YUAN: A study in curry, class, and community

YUAN: A study in curry, class, and community” is my attempt, as a fourth generation Malaysian, at reconnecting with the land I live on and the people I share a home (and heritage) with. In doing so, I journeyed through my country’s colonial history and indigenous peoples (Orang Asli), talked about traditional cooking ware and

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Queer Enby Podcast

This podcast was a project curated by 2 queer identifying Latinx individuals who wanted to tackle discussion topics about sense of belonging, queerness, & culture. Our motive was to create a platform in which people who identify as sexual minorities to feel seen and have a space to relate to in a conversational and casual setting. Audio

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Dictation of Memory

This series of miniature paintings explores the role of objects in fostering nostalgia. The instinct to protect cherished objects is nothing new in our consumerist age. ‘Memory objects’ are conceptualized as belongings that elicit deliberate or involuntary memories of one’s culture and history. For me, these objects represent Pakistani culture in relation to its colonial

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