Fall 2021

on english tea and beauty

TO VIEW THIS WORK, PLEASE USE THIS LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F2I8GYLuf04_I-tqM4sNjL48hs81cYco/view?usp=sharing Malvika Dang is a sophomore at Bennington College from New Delhi, India. She is interested in exploring the nexus between Political Anthropology, Literature and Video in the sphere of migration. Her creative work plays with layers of cultural language, imagery, and juxtapositions; a mirror to her

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Andreea is currently studying Media, Communications, and Chinese. What drives her work in media is portraying social issues across cultures: from reproductive rights to the public health system. She aspires to a career in journalism with an investigative approach that could help build cultural bridges and lead to impactful change. This journalistic piece investigates the

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How to Treat the Past

Xiao Ma (Smile) (any/all pronouns), based in Suzhou, China, is currently studying literature and visual arts at Bennington College.Smile’s understanding of love is what led her to create art; her work offers a narrative and photographic exploration of love through observations of human interactions, emotions, and social events. This set of photos is a protest

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