Spring 2020


One Language is Never Enough by Zanna Huth

Hermanos Lejanos by Valeria Sibrian Quijada

The Troubling Journey of an Name in the U.S. by Doménica Montaño


An Elegy for My Mother’s Tongue by Soumya Rachel Shailendra

A Documentation of Youth by Juan Lopez

Warsaw by Michalina Aniol

The One Who Was Named Before His Birth by Hafsa Zulfiquar

Visual Art

Abstract Printmaking by Melih Meric

The Price of Being Captured by Reshavan Naicker

4 yellow Windows by Kale Esposito

The Only Virus Present is Your Racism by Xiao (Smile) Ma


How to Make Kimchi or How to Be Korean by Jonathan Lee

I Don’t Know What to Say by Alyssa Pong

0:28 by Ayesha Bashir


Whose Choice is My Choice? by Andreea Coscai